In our August newsletter (under the Worship tab) you can find more about the following:


p. 1  The Eight Passions of Missional Churches.

p. 2  Looking for an Invite Leader for this Fall.

p. 3  Looking for a Youth Leader for this Fall.

p. 4  Short term Women's Bible Study.

p. 5  You too can join the ICAN Board.

p. 6  New Small Group--Greener Pastures.

p. 7  2017 Annual Conference Report.

p. 8  ICAN Pantry news.

p. 9  More ICAN Food Pantry news.

p. 10  Game Night, Aug. 11 / Rummage Sale, Aug. 26.

p. 11-12  ICAN Summer Update.

p. 13  August calendar.








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